West Park Asylum
Located in Epsom, West Park Asylum is the eleventh of the great insane hospitals. Founded in 1920 by William Clifford-Smith, the asylum holds up to 2,000 patients. It was shut down in 1980 after a patient went missing, and after years of debates, it has been reopened to serve the insane as of 2011. But be warned, once you've been admitted, we're never letting you go.

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Miles Monroe|22|Dissociative Identity Disorder|FC: Joseph Gilgun|Open

Miles has two sides to him. One is sweet and one isn’t so sweet. His not so sweet side is named “Salem” and he’s an asshole. He loves sex and women, doesn’t care about anyone and says anything and everything that is on his mind. “Salem” is out most of the time because “Salem” won’t let Miles come out anymore. Miles has been asleep for god knows how long because “Salem” knows how to act nice, tricking the doctors, staff, and patients around him. What “Salem” doesn’t know is that Miles is slowly waking up inside of him and is going to fight to get “Salem” out of his body.