West Park Asylum
Located in Epsom, West Park Asylum is the eleventh of the great insane hospitals. Founded in 1920 by William Clifford-Smith, the asylum holds up to 2,000 patients. It was shut down in 1980 after a patient went missing, and after years of debates, it has been reopened to serve the insane as of 2011. But be warned, once you've been admitted, we're never letting you go.

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Ross Clark|21|Separation Anxiety|FC: Kevin Jonas|Open

Ross was in a relationship that lasted for six months with a girl from his high school. The relationship was getting stronger until she had to move. Ross became depressed from then on. His grades went down and so did his health. Every seizing moment he cherished his friends to the point where he stalked them. They were close friends that contacted his parents whom were concerned enough to turn Ross to the doctor. It didn’t take long to discover that he had separation anxiety. So as soon as they got the chance, they had committed him to West Park Asylum.